WH Demmons

Their Goal

WH Demmons offers a full spectrum of comprehensive engineer services from HVAC to Roofing and indoor air purification systems. Interested in educating potential customers on the ins and outs of their wide range of services–and selling them as truly essential–WH Demmons approached Words@Work for help selling complex engineering solutions to the everyday air breather.

Our Strategy

Alongside the WH Demmons engineers, the Words team broke down their extensive service list to four major, digestible components. Each of those service components merited a rack card, which W@W designed in-house. The front of every rack card summarized the service in layman’s language; the reverse side relied on client testimonial and interview to emphasize the power of the service in-practice.Consistent designs, themes, and slogans kept the different cards under the aesthetic umbrella of the WH Demmons brand.

Ever vigilant of client opportunities, Words@Work suggested WH Demmons as a speaker and presenter at a state-wide event. WH Demmons was amenable to the idea, and with W@W’s support, they were able to present their newest service to a very hungry audience. The resulting business has been profound, and we look forward to supporting them in their new market.