United Insurance

Their Goal

United Insurance initially approached us with a request to help them produce more effective advertising and to help the newly formed company create a strong unified brand. Over the years, the relationship between United Insurance and Words@Work grew to include more aspects of their marketing. Evenutally, Words@Work became the off-site marketing department working closely with the Marketing Director and the CEO. Our work focuses on developing the annual marketing plan and budget based on goals and prior results, plus special projects. Recently, that involved developing a concept for the firm’s new website that delivered a “wow” experience to users, and differentiated them from the competition.

Our Strategy

Words@Work had the vision to develop creative client stories coupled with compelling photography to give the client their “wow”. The Words@Work team also went the extra mile to learn how to work in the website’s Content Management System to build out the site to meet the client’s deadline. By creating and uploading web content that targeted United’s target audience and assigning resources to support their marketing goals, Words@Work was able to make the most out of United’s budget. Our true value to United Insurance lies in our understanding of their goals, our ability to tell their story, and our guidance to develop effective and comprehensive marketing strategies. These strategies have yielded excellent results, and United Insurance has is widely recognized as the fastest growing and 2nd largest independent insurance agency in Maine.

“United Insurance has worked with Words@Work since 2011. What I have appreciated most is Paula Mahony’s quest to understand the unique qualities of our organization which has 15 local offices throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Balancing our local commitments to the communities we serve while developing a cohesive single brand is a challenge that Words@Work has successfully met. Paula and her team have created campaigns that span all forms of media and represent the values for which United stands. Paula continues to present new and refreshing ideas to support and grow our business.”

Chris Condon, CEO of United Insurance