Trademark Federal Credit Union

big changes for a long-established but little-known Maine credit union

Their Goal

Trademark Federal Credit Union first approached Words@Work for help with an email marketing project. They wanted to increase their membership numbers and had new long-term strategic goals for growth. However, they didn’t have the internal experience to implement those goals.

Our Strategy

One email marketing project quickly evolved into a long-term relationship. We were asked to design and lead the research to help Trademark rebuild their entire brand identity, while keeping their core values front and center – their commitment to exemplary customer service and a personalized banking experience for its members. Alongside the rebranding process, Words@Work has instituted consistent annual planning, email marketing with digital support, and the creation of engaging community membership events. Once a credit union for the employees of two Maine companies, Trademark has transitioned into a new charter that is now open to a broader public audience with an expanded geographic area. Through digital marketing, the creation of custom landing pages, and community outreach, Words@Work continues to help Trademark position themselves as a credit union to watch.

“The Words@Work team is an extension of our team. They provide us with experience and expertise to complement our skills. Words@Work is interested in supporting our entire brand, not just a slice. This approach helps to ensure the continuity of our brand across all channels; from digital content, to direct marketing, to in-person events, our brand remains consistent. Sometimes, this part of a partnership is overlooked – the peace of mind of knowing that when you need them, they will be there. We can send Words@Work anything at any time and be confident in the work they produce.”

– Joann Bisson, President & CEO of Trademark Federal Credit Union