Ski Maine Association

Words@Work fills gaps in lean marketing staff

Their Goal

As the trade association of Maine’s ski industry, Ski Maine’s mission is to encourage and promote participation in winter activities at member locations through digital platforms. Their primary goal was to overcome the challenges of a small staff and improve their social and email marketing, all while maintaining a strict budget.

Our Strategy

When a staffing gap coincided with the start of their busy season, we stepped in to help with Ski Maine’s social media. Soon we had developed a comprehensive plan coordinating their social and email campaigns for their existing consumer list. We took on the responsibility of content production from the executive director, freeing up his time to do his formal job and propel the association forward.

“Working with Paula and her staff at Words @ Work has been a real benefit to Ski Maine Association. Their expertise has guided us in a couple of critical areas. First, the organizational discipline of a structured timeline to implement a plan was key to success. Paula came to the strategic planning process, prepared and knowledgeable of the organization’s role in Maine skiing from the consumer and political viewpoints. Her easy-going, analytical approach to opportunities and challenges facing the organization allowed her to gain additional insights and generate a thorough set of “next steps” for consideration.

Secondly, Paula was clear on the importance of measuring the impact of new social media and PR initiatives. Words@Work reviewed each campaign as it was underway giving immediate feedback on results.

Finally, Ski Maine knocked it out of the park with a summer social media campaign that resulted in a five-fold increase over the best result of any campaign to date. The campaign was created with short lead time, to take advantage of an opportunity that popped up. I give Paula great credit to take the effort to go above and beyond our plan, because she felt the opportunity was too big to let slip by. The opportunity arose after hours, and because of her commitment to her client, she contacted me, got approval, and launched the best campaign of the entire season. Well done.”

-Greg Sweetser, Executive Director