PATCO Commercial Construction

Their Goal

When we first started working with PATCO Commercial Construction, they had strong relationships with existing and prior customers who were more than willing to recommend them and many were repeat customers.  Word of mouth is great advertising but it doesn’t always reach the right people.   PATCO wanted a marketing strategy that would define who they were, their values that built their business, and create a marketing plan to reach potential clients.

Our Strategy

Value.  Respect. Integrity.  These are the values that built the company and how PATCO conducts business everyday.  Communicating these values and their commitment to their customers outside their network of business contacts was the next step to grow their business.  The logo was redesigned, website updated to communicate their building process and their commitment to doing the right thing every day. The marketing plan was built around these values and delivered to potential customers through an email campaign that highlighted projects, client testimonials and print ads. The marketing strategy continues to evolve  to reach business owners with building construction projects.

“When we first met Words@Work it was clear that they have set themselves apart from other marketing firms by getting to know who PATCO Construction really is.  They took the time to do the research and investigate past clients to find out what PATCO’s core values really were.  What they found was our values were very similar. Integrity, fairness, respect, and loyalty which makes Words@Work a perfect partner. They are always reminding us to push our values in our marketing just like we do with our projects. This has helped us set ourselves apart from our competition and with Words@Work doing the marketing it has allowed PATCO to focus on what we do best, build buildings.”  

-Jon Bell, Director – Sales and Field Operations