McRae & Associates

Their Goal

McRae & Associates is a growing guardianship & fiduciary services business that approached Words@Work with a specific goal in mind – “looking more professional” so that more lawyers, advisors, and judges would recommend her. Paula suggested starting with a more professional presentation of the company name and moving from there.


Being seen as credible by lawyers, advisors, judges, and family members of clients.

Our Strategy

Words@Work began the project with a Discovery to really dig deep into the workings of the business and what their day-to-day entails. This allowed us to better understand client experiences with the company and hone in on the value that McRae & Associates provides them.

With our Discovery research in mind, we re-developed all the copy for the website and provided consulting on the direction for the brand logo. Our team also recommended and facilitated logo design and web development relationships for McRae & Associates in order for them to get the most for their marketing dollars.


Teri’s new website launched in March 2017 and has experienced more relevant web traffic since that time. McRae & Associates has also begun blogging and sending out newsletters to their email subscription list to keep in contact with their clientele.

Feedback received by Teri about the new brand has been very positive.

“What a difference you’ve made! You coordinated the resources to provide me with a very professional website, logo and marketing material. I get many compliments from other professionals. I just need to hire you to keep me updating my blog and website regularly! Thank you.”

– Teri McRae