Falmouth Dental Arts

Their Goal

Falmouth Dental Arts (FDA), a well-respected practice in Falmouth with a 40 year history, approached Words@Work with the goal of creating a distinctive, professional voice to convey their philosophy of care and to help grow the practice.

Many dental practices settle for a generic national dental marketing company, but as FDA prides itself in delivering state-of-the-art services to their patients, they concluded that this kind of generic messaging just wasn’t going to work for them. Words@Work has worked closely with the dental partners at FDA to develop a consistent content plan that highlights their expertise, commitment to compassionate care, and dedication to building relationships with their patients.

Our Strategy

Working together since 2013, W@W has been delivering branded content as well as assisting with marketing and branding services, to ensure that their public face matches their reputation for providing above-and-beyond professional dentistry and their core commitment to patient care. This effort has also helped FDA keep their website current, as well as to maintain their brand and reputation as a trusted dental partner. By creating monthly content that effortlessly fits into their website’s blog platform and monthly patient newsletter, Words@Work has established branded content that is unique to FDA, setting them apart from the sea of competitors.

Our value as their on-call marketing team has also been integral to the practice managing several transitions. From the retirement of the founding partner and onboarding of a new partner, to merging with another local practice and moving locations, our established means of communicating with their patients helped to keep FDA’s messaging clear and consistent. Managing these major business milestones can present challenges, but more importantly they presented FDA with opportunities to continue to tell their story in their distinctively warm and friendly voice so these experiences felt like a continuation of the exceptional care their patients have come to expect.