Unearth New Opportunities in a Changing Landscape

An atypical year calls for atypical marketing approaches. We have been helping clients break out of their standard strategies, reshape their team and client approaches, and unearth new opportunities in a landscape that changes weekly–-if not daily! Whether you have a business that has been open, are looking to reopen, or are looking to open for the first time, here are four mantras to keep you moving.

Find your niche. For W.H. Demmons, a specific service of their HVAC company went from little-known to essential in the span of a month. We helped them create promotional materials, and find virtual events at which they could present their product. The resulting interest and inquiries have been promising. No matter what service you offer, you are essential to someone. Find your niche and promote yourself!


Say thank you. These days, many companies are asking their customers to do a little more than just wear a shirt and some shoes for service. Like many others in the financial industry, Trademark Federal Credit Union increased pressure on their membership to respect and respond to the new public health rules. In response, we crafted a promotional campaign of gratitude for them to recognize and reward their efforts. “Thank you” always goes a long way, so make sure that you’re taking the time to genuinely thank your team and clients.

Stay flexible. As state requirements alter the customary economic models for most companies, flexibility has ascended the throne as king of the business buzzwords. United Insurance recently elected to join a virtual convention and tradeshow–something completely new for them in their 150 year history! The Words@Work Team created interactive virtual documents to keep their staff feeling confident about engaging clients in this new territory. Don’t shy away from new opportunities; stay flexible and make them work for you!



Don’t go dormant. While business-as-usual may be on pause, your voice should not be. Many advertising mediums such as TV, radio, and print are offering very competitive pricing right now. Taking advantage of low advertising costs, we built a campaign for Aging Excellence that successfully hits on all advertising platforms. Whether you’re creating a social post or a 30 second TV ad, keep in mind that you don’t need a full production team to make it happen. With easy content and a simple message, you can create a successful ad that ensures your voice is heard.