Normal. Are we there yet?

Dorothy told us there’s no place like home. Most of us these days would trade our 24/7 WFH lives for a return to normal. I am more and more convinced however that our mythical normal exists only in sci fi and fiction. It’s a place to which we cannot return. So, if there’s no going back, where exactly are we headed?

How about “familiar”? Familiar is like your dad’s favorite easy chair. Or the couch you’ve been sitting on since March. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it’s comfortable.

I got a taste of the value of “familiar” while watching the Red Sox home opener against the Orioles. I was ready for a lame experience because fans weren’t allowed in to Fenway. The NESN broadcast team wasn’t even in the ballpark. But as the innings progressed I realized how great I felt just listening to the familiar voices and the cadence of a ballgame. And as the Red Sox chalked up their first win of the 2020 season, I discovered the value of “familiar.”

Ok, you’re wondering what this has to do with Marketing? Plenty.

Being the familiar voice for your customers instills confidence in them. Confidence builds trust. They understand what to expect from you. It’s why shoppers flock to Amazon. By now, everyone knows that Amazon has just about everything either in stock or via resellers. Click the button and before you know it, a smiley box shows up at your door.

Familiar + Confidence + Trust = Buy. It’s a simple linear equation. And it’s faster and easier to find than the mythical “normal”.