Moving Your Marketing Plan Forward in Uncertain Times

Communicate your confidence.  In uncertain times, finding a way to communicate effectively with your clients and demonstrate your confidence is crucial.

For Falmouth Dental Arts (FDA), even though COVID-19 changed aspects of their business dramatically, their service and care for their patients was the same.  To demonstrate their commitment to safety and patient-care, FDA stayed closed an extra week to properly train all staff members with the CDC recommendations.  Communication didn’t stop while they were closed, but increased as FDA  focused on sharing the confidence they had in their services with their patients.  We helped them create a page on their website outlining the new safety protocols, send out postcards to patients to align expectations with the appointment experience, and post a video on Facebook demonstrating the new check-in process.  When you communicate regularly with your clients, you instill a sense of confidence and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.  Plan for consistency with your marketing as you look ahead!


Find the new opportunities to highlight your success.  When W.H. Demmons first learned about the iWave updates for HVAC systems, they thought it might have major public health and safety implications.  That system has been proven effective in eliminating COVID from indoor air, which makes it an extremely important and valuable tool for today’s businesses, and an important opportunity to highlight the expertise of W.H. Demmons.  Words@Work created a sticker for W.H Demmons’ customers to put in their windows once W.H Demmons completed the HVAC upgrade. People may not have paid much attention to indoor air filtration before, but this is now an important public health message that also promotes W.H.Demmons’ business. Find the moments that are in front of you now to highlight your skills and services!