Digital Marketing – There is No One-Size Fits All


There’s more than one way to do digital. 

At our marketing agency, it seems like every time we meet a new client, they tell us they indeed are running a digital marketing campaign. Naturally, our first question is “How well does it work?” Nine times out of ten, they don’t know, and it’s not uncommon to learn that the staff person running their digital is no longer employed by the company.

Further exploration reveals that what they actually have is a paid search campaign – the type where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Your relevance is based on keywords built in to your campaign. And your success depends on you managing the campaign as a constant A/B split test. It’s a cat and mouse game at best. And you are at the mercy of all the other companies bidding for the keywords that are most meaningful to you. It’s hard to win at this game unless you are the highest bidder with the biggest budget.

There are other digital options that have proven to deliver better results for our clients. The simplest by far delivers your digital ad to people who have already demonstrated interest in your product or service. That’s more than just a random internet search. And, it’s a level up in engagement and interest. Confused? Say, for instance, you are the marketing manager at a credit union and your goal is to generate more prospects for auto loans. Search targeting lets you target folks who have been out car shopping or researching cars online. You can also target folks who have actually searched for information on auto loans. And you can get your ad in front of them so all they have to do is click on it to land on your branded content. Next thing you know, the credit union marketing manager is the local hero because all of their loan specialists are busy taking applications.

Want even more leads? How about this super simple option: what if every visitor to your website received a digital ad from you when they were out doing their usual strolling around the internet? As an example, they might find your ad on their favorite news site, or the local weather site…or on myriad other high-quality professional sites that match your brand and your prospect’s areas of interest. They suddenly realize that your company “is everywhere” and that lends credibility to your brand. You know the old adage about the number of times your ad/brand needs to be seen in order to convert a prospect to a customer… This is the digital way to accomplish that goal.

The moral of the story is that there are a variety of online marketing tactics that can drive traffic in your direction. With some simple tests, you can determine which works best for you!

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