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Moving Your Marketing Plan Forward in Uncertain Times

Communicate your confidence.  In uncertain times, finding a way to communicate effectively with your clients and demonstrate your confidence is crucial. For Falmouth Dental Arts (FDA), even though COVID-19 changed aspects of their business dramatically, their service and care for their patients was the same.  To demonstrate their commitment to safety and patient-care, FDA stayed… Read more »

Normal. Are we there yet?

Dorothy told us there’s no place like home. Most of us these days would trade our 24/7 WFH lives for a return to normal. I am more and more convinced however that our mythical normal exists only in sci fi and fiction. It’s a place to which we cannot return. So, if there’s no going… Read more »

Unearth New Opportunities in a Changing Landscape

An atypical year calls for atypical marketing approaches. We have been helping clients break out of their standard strategies, reshape their team and client approaches, and unearth new opportunities in a landscape that changes weekly–-if not daily! Whether you have a business that has been open, are looking to reopen, or are looking to open… Read more »

Understanding Communications: Messages that connect during Covid times.

Paula was the featured speaker on a webinar hosted by the Maine State Chamber that discussed communicating during COVID-19. If you weren’t able to attend the Maine State Chamber event, here’s the link to the replay on the organization’s web site. We think you’ll find it insightful.

Sharing the Wealth with Words@Work Academy

Think outside the box

Each year, as a team we work together to evaluate Words@Work to determine what it is we do well and what we can do to improve Words@Work as a whole. In evaluating our strengths this year, we realized that each of us has lots of knowledge to share with our clients and each other. However,… Read more »